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Programs in partnership with world’s top universities

College Diploma – Fitness and Health Promotion (FAHP)

Loyalist College – Belleville Campus
Belleville, Ontario, CA
Field – Sciences
$11,759 USD / Year
2-Year Undergraduate Diploma

Bachelor of Exercise Science (079549K)

La Trobe University – Bendigo
Flora Hill, Victoria, AU
Field – Sciences
$25,350 USD / Year
3-Year Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Science – Aviation Management with Pilot Studies (DC117)

Dublin City University – Glasnevin
Dublin, County of Dublin, IE
Field – Engineering and Technology
$15,738 USD / Year
4 year bachelor’s degree

Bachelor of Science – Hospitality Management

University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida, US
Field – Business, Management and Economics
$17,324 USD / Year
4-Year Bachelor’s Degree

We forge global connections, uniting schools, students, and recruitment partners from every corner of the world.

Why choose SPEFL-SC Study Abroad?

Tailored Course Offerings

We offer a wide range of courses tailored to meet individual requirements, regardless of location, ensuring students can pursue their educational objectives effectively.

Occupational Relevance

Our programs emphasize occupations in high demand, equipping students with skills and knowledge that are valuable and sought after in today’s competitive job market.

Job Placement Support

We provide comprehensive support to our graduates in securing suitable employment opportunities post-graduation, enhancing their career prospects and professional development.

Facilitation of Work Permits and Residency

We assist students in navigating the complexities of obtaining work permits and facilitate applications for permanent residency and citizenship, making it easier for individuals to pursue their aspirations of settling abroad.

Comprehensive Guidance for Students and Parents

We ensure that both students and parents receive thorough guidance throughout the educational journey, free of additional charges, fostering a transparent and supportive environment conducive to informed decision-making.

Scholarships and Loan Assistance

We also provide scholarships and assistance with loans from reputable banks, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder students’ access to quality education abroad.

Our Global Presence

Sameer Vig


Loanna Siotropou


Ioanna Siotropou has distinguished herself as a leading figure in education, with a special focus on vocational training....As Director of Education at Omega Schools, she has spearheaded strategic initiatives aimed at promoting lifelong learning and enhancing qualification certification processes. Her educational foundation is solid, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Diploma in Aviation Business Management laying the groundwork for a career committed to educational excellence and innovation. Beyond her professional achievements, Ioanna’s role as the President of the Panhellenic Association of Private Vocational Education and Training in Greece underscores her significant contribution to the sector. In this capacity, she has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of vocational education, advocating for quality, accessibility, and relevance in training programs. Her leadership has not only elevated the standards of vocational education but has also ensured that it remains a pivotal pathway for skill development and employment in Greece. Ioanna’s commitment extends to various volunteer and leadership roles, through which she has exerted a profound impact on education. Her dedication to improving educational outcomes and her proactive approach to leadership exemplify her unwavering commitment to enriching the educational experience for all learners.

George Siotropos


Giorgos Siotropos is not just known for his professional achievements but also for his dynamic personality and profound impact on Greek society....Beyond his roles in politics, education, and sports, Siotropos is characterized by his resilience, innovative spirit, and dedication to public service. His ability to balance and excel in various fields reflects a deep commitment to improving the lives of others and contributing to the common good. His founding of the “Omega” Academy showcases his vision for accessible and quality education, influencing thousands of students’ futures. His tenure as Mayor of Nea Smyrni and his initiatives significantly enhanced the municipality’s infrastructure and quality of life, demonstrating his effective leadership and concern for community development. As president of the major Greek football team, PAE Panionios, Siotropos not only supported sports but also fostered team spirit and unity, impacting the local community positively. His collaboration with the UN in Greece on educational projects highlights his global perspective and dedication to leveraging education for societal improvement. Siotropos’s personality is marked by a blend of intellectual rigor, strategic thinking, and a genuine passion for serving others. His contributions across various sectors have left a lasting legacy, making him a revered figure in contemporary Greek history.


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